Welcome back to CSX

Welcome back on CSX

Dear Counter-Strike lovers, it is not without excitement that we are bringing back today, the oldest and most popular community for Xbox users!

More motivated than ever to revive the scene, we at CSXbox.com believe that an online presence is a mandatory step to professionalizing this community whilst increasing our visibility to attract new players while providing our present members the room to compete. To cope with the combination of rising work and new features, I am pleased to say that we have been very successful in hiring high-quality and dedicated individuals in order to provide content on a more regular basis and investing in the overall development of the platform!

What are the reasons to join our community? We have at your disposal an all-in-one website enabling you to stay in touch with the latest news concerning everything related to the Xbox version of CS:GO, a forum to meet new players, discuss and find a team or teammates, a tool to find coaches helping you to improve or becoming one for free or for a fee, plenty of videos, streams and a podcast to entertain you while you are not fragging around, and of course competition events! All of this to deepen your knowledge or prove your valor! That's right. We are console and we are here to serve you.

Our ambitious team:

  • Head Manager: Ematic

  • Treasury and Medias: Photon

  • Community Manager: PeppuReino

  • Event Manager: Zerxies

  • Support and Medias: Aurele

We hope that these new additions to the line-up will satisfy what CSX enthusiasts have been asking for.