Oct 1, 2018

What is your config & sensibility?


Hello guys, I am just wondering what setup do you have (controller, screen, connection...) and how are you all playing (button mapping, sensitivity, brightness...)?

Oct 1, 2018Edited: Oct 1, 2018

1.5 sensitivity 1.8 brightness dpad left Molotov dpad up Flashbang dpad right Grenade

Oct 1, 2018

.89 sensitivity for both aspects and vanilla layout

Oct 2, 2018

Dpad doesn't work during the voting screen maybe the flashbang I don't know

Oct 2, 2018Edited: Oct 2, 2018

.68 sensitivity , brightness max , right dpad 180 , left dpad flash , reload dpad up

Oct 2, 2018

.60-80 .93-1.30 first is vertical second is horizontal It veries for me so I put both my usual sense and my faster sense

Oct 2, 2018Edited: Oct 4, 2018

1.25 Horizontal.

.80 Vertical.

I use RB for jump, LS for 180°spin, left d-pad for bomb.


Oct 2, 2018


You cant see my xbox in this picture of my setup. 0.74 Both sens and some custom buttons for utility etc.


Oct 2, 2018

1 on both

Oct 11, 2018

Brightness 1.98, Colour mode: Computer monitor, controller, master vol 1 music vol 0.16, play dist: Desktop, Sticks right handed, Duck Toggle, Walk hold, Fire: Rt, Alternate fire: LT, Reload X, Jump A, Duck Rs, use B, Swap Primary and Secondary Y, Select Inventory and grenades Rb, scoreboard select, spin 180 L Dpad, Drop weapon r dpad, Walk Ls, Primary Weapon: Up Dpad, Secondary Weapon Down Dpad. Y Sensitivity 0.97, X sensitivity 0.59, Zoom sensitivity 0.88