Oct 7, 2018

CSX Autumn Cup: Pre-registrations


Edited: Oct 11, 2018


Hello, and thanks to everybody for the support after we announced our return to the scene, we are very happy to see the player-base remaining hyped to compete again into our events. In order to help us to set a date for the upcoming CSX Autumn Cup 2018 and launch the registrations on our site, we need you to tell more about your teams.


More informations and sining-ups will be available once a minimum of 8 teams will be pre-registered below.

Every players must own an account on csxbox.com to facilitate communications.


Team name:

Players and substitutes (+ nationalities):

Player to contact:





Oct 7, 2018


Team name: Fragdown

Players and substitutes (+ nationalities): Ematic (France), Rshot (France), Icon (France), Adeux (Spain), JwG (Canada), Sebu (Finland), Subject (England)

Player to contact: Ematic

Oct 7, 2018Edited: Oct 7, 2018

Team name: Impact

Players and substitutes (+ nationalities): Liquids (England), Colbeck (England), Dajals (Belgium),

PepeReino (Finland) Putros (Canada) Steezy (USA) Alpha (Belgium)

Players to contact: Dajals, CSX liquids, PepeReino

Oct 14, 2018Edited: Oct 14, 2018

Team name: Fallen Kings

Players and substitues (+nationalities): DevilBlak888 (México), BEICSXX (México), Maaniia Maaniaa (México), OpTic ElKeiCS (México), AldairPvP3 (México)... AngelZavalaBL (México), AngelYDR (México), DottierDrip377 (México).

Players to contact: DevilBlak888

Oct 15, 2018

Team name: Team Under 200 IQ🤔

Played +nationalities

Orbits tR (United States) Bradley1427 (UK) Kaimju (UK) Elite RB6 (UK) TxG Giggity (JK)