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Welcome at CSXbox (CSX), home of all Counter-Strike: GO related news, competitions, discussions, videos and streams.

The Team is really glad to present it's lastest project for the Microsoft version of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Created and imagined by Ematic, CSX will propose more features than his first Counter-Strike community, founded in 2012 and called CSGO-Arena.


Why should you join the community? 


There are many reasons, many... As indicated, we are a multi-service website, made by Counter-Strike Xbox players, for Counter-Strike Xbox players. Managed by an active staff, the platform will propose you competitions and showmatchs as often as possible, a forum, daily videos, streams and coaching. We have lots of objectives. One of them is obviously to expose the game to a maximum number of Xbox 360 players to attract those who remain on the console. A second objective is to propose to all the actual players the BEST experience by proposing a real dedicated support and platform for everythings concerning the game.

Get informed. Reading our news and going on the our forum is the easiest way to stay in touch about everything concerning the game.

Get entertained. Watching featured Counter-Strike: GO players videos and live streams is now possible.

Get better. Joining the community or booking a coach will give you the possibility practice everydays by learning from best players

Get ranked. Playing into our competitions to earn CSX Pro Points is incredibly simple.

Earn cash. Winning a PRO tournament or championships awards you of real money.


We hope the best for the future of this game, and are ready to threat all your applications at ematic[at]hotmail.fr


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